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 Film Essentials 1

Coverage: 5x hour of coverage

On the day: 2x Videographers

Final Product: Wedding Film (4-7min) OR Wedding Documentary (40-90min) 

Delivery: Online Delivery | Downloadable

Film Essentials 2

Coverage: 9 hours of coverage

On the day:   2x  Videographers

Final Product 1: 1min Snippet Reel (Vertical Video)

Final Product 2: Wedding Film (4-7min) 


Final Product 3: Full Ceremony, Formalities & Speeches Edit 


Delivery: Online Delivery | Downloadable


Film Essentials 3

Coverage: 12 hours of coverage

On the day: 2x Videographers 

Final Product 1: Wedding Film (4-7min) 

Final Product 2: Wedding Documentary (1-1.5hr) 

Final Product 3: 1min Snippet Reel (Vertical Video)

Delivery: Online Delivery | Downloadable


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